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Adhoc group chat without creating a team

jeff 8 years ago updated by JohnKlein94 2 years ago 35

Would like to be able to select multiple users and have a chat conversation with them, similar to group text messages on a phone, without having to create a team and add them as teammates.


Allow Admin to see and manage ALL teams, not just the ones they are on

jeff 8 years ago updated by Matt Smith 5 years ago 24

As an Admin, I would like to be able to see all teams in my Ryver account. Currently, I can only see the teams I have created, or am a TEAMMATE on.

Under review

Move posts from one Team or Forum to another

Zach Malloch 8 years ago updated by Анастасия Куб 2 months ago 34

It would be nice to be able to move a post from one team or forum to another when editing. This could expand on marking posts as "completed" or "archived", as you can just move them to a "completed" forum. We're planning to use this for a question and answer tool, so having an "answered" forum that we can move the older questions into would be very useful.

Under review

Add option for 24h time format instead of am/pm

Andreas 8 years ago updated by Анастасия Куб 2 months ago 5

Am/pm is not used where I'm from so it's not as intuative for me as 24 hour time format.

Under review

Customize Emoticons

Piet Nutbey 8 years ago updated by Анастасия Куб 3 weeks ago 15

One thing we really like would be an added option for custom icons / emoticons.

Of-course this adds nothing to functionality, but I know our team of 8 always loves to play around with it.


Export data

Andreas 8 years ago updated by joeboon 4 years ago 66

I think a feature for exporting all your data would make new users feel more comfortable committing to a product such as this so that they know they will not get completely locked in. It could also be useful if you want to be able to analyses your data for example to see how Ryver is being used.

Under review

Calendars for teams

Bjoern Voss 8 years ago updated by Jim Harmer 12 months ago 8

It would be great to have a calendar for teams to organize meetings, post events that are of interest to the team and so on. One can also think of nice integrations with this feature, e.g. a shared team calendar synced to google calendar.


Open to Last Unread

UTisTheLaw 8 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 7 1 duplicate

When you open a forum after being away, I would like to be able to go to my last unread chat either automatically or by clicking a button or link.

Under review

User polls/polling in Forums and Teams

jeff 8 years ago updated by Анастасия Куб 10 months ago 9

Would like to be able to set up a poll within a forum or team and have users vote. The poll would display the results prominently. Perhaps this would be a special type of Post on the POSTS tab.


Web Hooks for integration with popular apps and services

jeff 8 years ago updated by Анастасия Куб 10 months ago 18

Many popular cloud-based applications and services offer web hooks that get triggered when events take place. Would like the ability to associate those web hooks with the creation of a chat message in Ryver. Ideally, Ryver would have built-in message formatting support for a bunch of popular services, rather than requiring custom implementation.

Under review

Search of uploaded files

jeff 8 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 3

Would like uploaded PDFs and other files to be indexed in Ryver search, so that I can search for a word or phrase and it will be found in a PDF that I attached to a Post.

Under review

Ability to customize app color scheme

Orlando Sánchez 8 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 2

The Ryver web/desktop app have both a nice color scheme. Anyway, as the users all are different, the ability to change using a few color sets or even fully customize app colors for all the items (for example top bar is blue, buttons are turquoise, sidebar is gray by default) would be a big step on making the product a universal one.


Hashtag auto-complete

jeff 8 years ago updated by Анастасия Куб 11 months ago 4

When typing a #hashtag in a chat, post or comment, would like to see an auto-complete pop-up showing existing hashtags that match the text being typed. This will help prevent similar or mis-spelled hashtags.

Under review

Provide a "Last Seen" Date/Time in user profile cards.

jeff 8 years ago updated by Анастасия Куб 4 months ago 4

Would like to be able to see when a user was last seen online in the app. For some people, it is obvious because they create lots of content. For others, would be nice to know if they're just being passive, or if they haven't even logged in for a week.

Under review

Allow other users to edit a Post on a team

jeff 8 years ago updated by Анастасия Куб 3 weeks ago 8

Please add an option to give other users edit rights on a post, allowing me to create a post, but have others collaborate directly by editing the post. The options would be to allow Team Admins to edit the post, or all Team Members.