Under review

Move posts from one Team or Forum to another

Zach Malloch 8 years ago updated by Анастасия Куб 2 months ago 34

It would be nice to be able to move a post from one team or forum to another when editing. This could expand on marking posts as "completed" or "archived", as you can just move them to a "completed" forum. We're planning to use this for a question and answer tool, so having an "answered" forum that we can move the older questions into would be very useful.

Under review

We are reviewing our options here. There are some interesting security implications when moving something involves a Private Team.


User would like to move/copy a Private Post to a Private Team as the conversation tends to start in a 1-1 Post. A Move or Copy would be great options


Would like to be able to move a post from a forum (All Hands in my current case) where a member has posted it, to the correct forum specifically created for a discussion around the topic.


Would be interested in hearing customer expectations for comments on posts that have been moved. For example, would you expect to be able to move a Forum post with comments from all of your members into a Private Team that only contains a couple of members, and have all of the comments come along? Alternatively, if you moved a post from a Private Team to a forum, would people who commented in private expect their comments to suddenly become visible to all members?

Or...would you be interested in a "Copy Post" feature that copies the post itself, along with any attachments, to a post in another team/forum. But does not bring along any comments.


Hi Jeff, I also wish to have this feature... however, I agree team and direct messages have to stay secure.  The post move is a great idea, so that posts are easier to be relocated in less cluttered post tabs of the proper forums. 

I would like to also see it possible for admins only to move any chat comment from one forum "chat tab" to another, to help new people that don't understand the forum structure we have, and to clean up the chat logs.  I don't see a need in teams, direct messages, nor comments in posts personally for our uses.  What it really boils down to is newer people talking about everything in one forum, so I can A. move the chat, and then get the newer member to use the forum structure better.  Then there is the occasional run of babble from any of us that needs to be moved to our _NonBiz_ChitChat forum.


I'm most interested in being able to move posts from one public forum to another. If somebody makes a useful engineering post in the "general chat" forum, I'd like to be able to move it to the engineering forum without losing the in-progress discussion.

Moving things between and into/out of private areas is both tricky and not vitally important to me.

I'd imagine that private to public could require users from the original discussion to opt in/out of having their posts be viewable? Maybe their posts could stay but their names would be removed unless they agreed? That would keep discussion readable while maintaining people'e privacy if they wanted. You'd also have to change the text of quotes (ie. from: "Matt said: 'blah blah blah'" to "Anonymous said: 'blah blah blah'")

Public to private could either be more of a "Copy to" feature that doesn't preserve the original conversation, or it could bring up a prompt about inviting the post's contributors to the private group. People's posts don't get brought into the private group if the poster didn't get invited. If you went that second route, you could also use the functionality to have a "Create [forum/private team] from this post" feature that might be interesting. If a single post looks like it might merit a more in-depth discussion, that would be a good way to make it happen.

My two cents on the matter.

Ok, the moving between Open Forums options sounds interesting. We will investigate that one, along with a "Copy" or "Share" option for posts in teams or between users.


I agree, and maybe even an option to move/copy into a private team but not out of a private team. Example something gets started in open forum then gets to a point where it makes much more sense for only key players to keep it moving forward - so you move it to a private team.


To start out with, we're going to look into a "Copy" option, then perhaps consider "Move". The main technical issue we need to address first will be creating a copy of any attachments in the post. Once we have the API in place for that, the UI will be reasonably straight forward.


Hey Jeff, any update on this?  The ability to move threads, and smaller sections of messages, is critical.  It's just too easy for a topic to be accidentally introduced in the wrong place, or for a discussion to wander onto a different topic.

1 suggestion. We get an option to post a new topic in a Forum, Topic or User when we first create a topic. So, instead of that being visible only when first creating the topic, it could be better if it's visible every time the topic is updated. That way, we can add where to post the same topic and where to delete from. It will probably also copy the attachments. Also, the security: topic can be edited only by its creator, I suppose (I don't have any member in my private team other than me, I have created a few private teams just to backup my files there and sort them as topics). So, if it's editable only by the creator, then, only he/she can copy/move the topic. So, can this be made possible?

Do you have an update on this? Its been 3 years since you last updated and the option is till not here

Perhaps the better option is creating an administrator promotion to another topic?

Sort of like an administrator sees something useful or interesting and then clicks a flag on that post which can then pop-up a subdialog in the Ryver interface; asking the administrator where he intends to move that content. (Topic/Team/Forum, etc)

Then on the user end , they would see a subreply indicating that the Administrator wishes to move/duplicate the content from one location to another Topic/Team/Forum. At that point the user can flag their own post with checkmarks that clarify if they are fine with that.

One check mark for:

--Adding themselves to an invited permission(s) list [Governed by the Administrator]

--Giving permission to have their post transferred. [User Consent\Content Control]

--A request to Pin the item to their own interface to follow up on any subsequent posts. [Connecting the User to any subsequent replies]

--Finally a checkbox to create an integrated shortlink to the continuing conversation elsewhere. [Continuity]


We have been using Ryver the last 2 weeks and really like the product. For ease of daily interaction, is it possible to at least provide an option to create some thing like sub folders under a private team, that could allow moving of posts within the same private team? Example a 'Current' folder that holds actve posts and another called 'Archive' that has older posts. Privacy should not be a concern as the posts stay within the same Private team. I am concerned that the clutter over a period of time would be so high that segregation should really help.


I would just like to add my support to this and like 1,000 thumbs up! I have had so many instances of needing to move a post.

Current example: I have an open forum for my volunteers called "Can You Help Me" where I post any tasks that need attention.

I am also trying to build a more structured team and recently drafted a number of "positions" and "sub team" descriptions in the Posts section. However, I'm now realizing some of those posts should really be in a private team for further development first.

My only option at the moment is to go in and copy the post body and re-make it in the team then delete the original. However, I lose any discussion on the posts. My rather lame workaround at the moment is to take a screenshot of the comments and attach it to the new post.

----So this may be a separate suggestion I should add?---

This may not even be feasible... But it would be great to be able to even "pull" a post and move it from a forum or team into a DM with someone for a period. For example, I have a team member with whom I'm working on these position posts. It would be great if we could pull one needing more work into our DM posts and then move it to the open forum when ready.

I suppose moving to a private team is similar and workable for this purpose as well... just would be great if it would me moveable to DMs as well.

Many thanks!

I second the copy/move public forums feature. I was just going to organize some posts and realized this feature did not exist. Now I'm stuck with some posts in the wrong forum. Standing-by.

What we are experiencing is a posted topic will be created and someone in the team will start another topic and after a time we find the two should be combined keeping the dates the topic was created and the reply(comments) dates so the combined topic would be in order.

This combine or merge should only be performed by admin. Ryver is a excellent application.

We have a user that posted to the wrong forum. That's why we would want to move a post.


For the ability to move posts (Workflow) we are still in Trello for some projects and the rest in Ryver. Is there any update on this? I am aware of the Task Boards coming to Ryver.

I agree with what was said. Merging threads and being able to copy or move them is pretty essential. Conversations/topics often start one to one and then you realize it's a good idea and want more input from the rest of your team.

I'm also going to add my support for this feature. Seems like a no-brainer and I would definitely use it.

as many other users claims, the capacity of move some topics messages from a private forum to another will be a great improvement.

for instance, right now i need to move 20 topics from a specific area to a new private team.  Im the administrator. I believe the owner should do that


We use Wunderlist & still do for a lot of things - As a manager I can write out "to do's"or future task and then then slide them and assign them to the proper team when the time is right.  

I would like to see task moved as well as post. 

If you ever implement this feature, a "move all posts from forum/team to a new forum/team" would be great. 

I need to move my open forum to private teams due to the slack import.


I thought I might (as Admin) be able to drag topics to another forum. Would be excellent functionality especially when inexperienced users set up a topic in the wrong forum. Both thumbs up for this functionality. BTW, excellent product  you have here - the depth of editing functions in the edit windows is a delight compared to most other similar platforms.


This is step zero for how my team needs to work. If I can't move tasks between teams, I can't really use this tool yet.

It would be so useful If tasks could be moved between teams this would avoid creating new tasks


In Asana you can:

  • copy (i.e. duplicate) any task
  • move a task to wherever you want; e.g. to some other project, or even change a task into subtask (or vice versa)!
  • make a task belong to multiple projects (which then can have different team members). This is an extremely handy way to collaborate around a task!

These points are the top reasons why I can't move to Ryver yet!

PS. A thought about privacy: The person moving or sharing a task or post has the responsibility to do so without accidentally making a private conversation or task "public". This needs the same "administrative control sense" as when sharing paper documents or e-mails within an organization. I believe that most people will handle this without any problem.

I believe "Posts" are now called "Topics".  I think the title of this idea should be changed from "Move posts from one Team or Forum to another" to "Allow moving Topics or parts of Topics to any other person, team or forum"


Hi, any news on this? Also very important for my team!

Is there a way to copy all comments, files and attachments to a new template?  We have checklists in our tasks that various people touch and are required to complete.  We post a bunch of files into a task and I want to add more checklist boxes.  Is there any way I can copy all things associated to a specific task onto a new task template?


Don't hold your breath. The Ryver team seems to have abandoned this page. There are many many features that have been "planned" or "in progress" for 4+ years and not implemented. We jumped ship for Slack a month or two ago, and I don't regret it.

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