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Under review

Add autoresponses from eddy for specific inputs

Scott S 8 years ago updated by Suman 6 years ago 6

In your competitors application they allow you to setup their bot to auto-respond with custom responses to custom inputs.


Scott: listofservers

bot: one.com | two.com | three.com

My team used that feature heavily, and it would be great if it could be mirrored here.

Under review

Allow creation of Recurring Reminders

Ben 6 years ago updated by Kyrylo 6 years ago 4

Sometimes there are some things that need to be done every week or every month.  We could create tasks for them but tasks by themselves don't produce notifications.  Plus, right now there's no recurring tasks either.  

It would be nice to be able to set a recurring reminder, which could work on any message and also on tasks

Under review

Refresh Notifications upon reading each.

Ben 6 years ago updated by jeff 6 years ago 2

Whenever I check unread notifications, if I go read one or more of them, it still appears in the list of UNREAD.  To "refresh" the list you can either refresh the browser or pick for example ALL notifications and then UNREAD again.

I think that Ryver should AUTOMATICALLY remove any notification from the UNREAD notifications as soon as the user is reading it.

Under review

Request for threaded chat

Aaron Bartell 8 years ago updated by EugenW 4 years ago 3

In our Ryver community (ibmioss) we have a lot of chats that get promoted to posts and that is very confusing if you started a chat and it was promoted to a post by somebody else (you wonder "where'd it go?"). I then need to go to the posts tab and start looking. Instead it would be good if an existing chat could be marked as a post and that would start a form of indentation within the chat pane. This means the post tab would go away. This would also necessitate a "Filter" feature on the chat pane (maybe refactored to not be named chat, because posts would also be there) that would allow just posts to be displayed.

I don't want to derail this feature that's already planned. But I did want to convey that the current approach is not immediately intuitive (and even after understanding the feature I still get lost).

Under review

Nesting of Group Posts

Wayne 8 years ago updated by Jack Oswald 6 years ago 7

Replies to a post show up in the order submitted. This can make it hard to follow along, even if someone includes text from the previous post. It would be useful to me if the replies were nested under their parent; being collapsible would also be nice.


single sign on / SSO

Roy Nasser 8 years ago updated by Stephanie Henyard 6 years ago 13

Add the option of integrating with Google Apps or other providers of authentication for small businesses so we dont need to create all accounts/disable them manually, etc and to make things easier for users to not need to remember too many identities.

Under review

Notifications count should show Unread Quantity even if they are not new

Ben 6 years ago updated by jeff 6 years ago 1

Right now, the Notifications button on the Sidebar shows only the quantity of NEW notifications.  But once a user clicks on it and starts checking notification, that number disappears and there's no idea of how many notifications are still unread.

I think that the number of unread notifications should always be visible and be automatically reduced once a user starts actually reading each notification.

Under review

Allow multi-window interface which supports pop-outs for teams, chats, posts.

Stephanie Henyard 8 years ago updated by Ken Lenoir 6 years ago 10

Support a window pop-out feature for teams, forums, DMs, posts in the Desktop versions. For our users that are constantly going back and forth between teams, DMs, Posts they'd greatly prefer the ability to have separate windows for each area/team they're working on. The main Ryver window would remain the same, the pop-out would let users focus on that one area. Services I'm familiar with that do something similiar include Evernote, Mac Notes, and Mac Messages.

Under review

Assign Tasks to a User not through a Team or Forum

Ben 6 years ago updated by jeff 6 years ago 2

There's another product Idea that has this idea as part of it.


However, I think this specific request merits its own Topic.

Currently, Ryver doesn't allow me to assign tasks to users directly, unless it's through a Team or Forum.  

Many times I need to assign a task to a user, but I prefer not to do it through a Team or Forum.  I might not want to add more tasks to the whole team.  Or it might be a task unrelated to any team.  Or it might be a task that I want to stay private between me and the user.

As a user, I want to have the ability to create a task and assign it to WHOMEVER I WANT.

I think this is something that Ryver can easily solve.

And, if Ryver wants to "foster collaboration" as they call it, it can let Admins decide if users must assign tasks to other users only through teams/forums or can do it directly.


Ability to sort unread notifications by oldest or most recent, as required

Ben 6 years ago 0

Right now, the default sort for notifications is most recent first.  I usually have by default only the UNREAD notifications.  But when I have too many, it takes time to scroll down to the bottom.  

I would like to have a button to quickly sort by oldest one first or by most recent first, as the situation requires.

Under review

Import Tasks from Microsoft Outlook

Ben 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 1

Many Millions of users use Outlook and many of those use Tasks on Outlook.  Would be nice if we could import all of those to Ryver.


Ability for Admin to Reverse Chat or Topic Message Order

Ben 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 1

Although most people in the world are used to the most recent message appearing below the last one (on the bottom), it could be more efficient to show the latest message above the last one.  Would avoid a lot of scrolling down.


Gantt Chart in Tasks

Eric Jacko 6 years ago updated by Nicolaas 5 years ago 3

Are there plans to make a gantt view for tasks? Additionaly, the main feature that i used in gantt charts was an estimated 'duration' entry as opposed to a due date. After the project was actually started, then I would populate the start and due dates (or the due date would be pre-populated due to the estimated duration)


Permissions for deleting/editing messages!!!!

Austin Best 7 years ago updated 6 years ago 12

I have not found this option if it exists, but if it doesn't this is a MUST. In the last week we had an issue with an employee who threatened another employee, luckily the "victim" took a screenshot of the interaction because the "bully" decided to delete all the messages. THERE NEEDS TO BE A WAY TO CONTROL WHO CAN DELETE MESSAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Either on a user by user (preferred) or user level (Guest/Member/Admin) basis

This is such an easy feature, please dont make this take a year to implement. PLEASE.

For editing, this can also be permissions based or show a "changed" log for what was changed in the post.

Under review

Save draft

Alberto 8 years ago updated by emily_moran 7 years ago 5

Safe draft of a chat or post adding a button next to "Post"