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Under review

Private Teams - Invite guests to a post

Charles 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 3

If you invite a guest to a private team, s/he can read all posts.

To solve that issue, add below field to invite guests to a post only.

Image 12

Under review

Email invites

Charles 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2

Once new members get an email from DEMO (this is just an example)

Instead of

Please join me -> Join DEMO

I have made you a member of this Ryver account -> I have made you a member of DEMO

Click here to join me -> Click to join

Account Name: DEMO -> demo.ryver.com

All the rest is ok. Otherwise it's a little confusing :)


Increase font size in the Linux desktop client

Ian 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 1

The font size for a high resolution screen is quite small. Hope there is a way (even a workaround) to increase the font size.

Under review

Windows app resets login details when loses focus

Chris 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 3

Click into a password safe and back again it clears the login form. Rather irritating.

Under review

Have the account color selected propagate visually throughout application

Hans 7 years ago updated by jeff 7 years ago 1

If I select gray, for example, for the Account, the titles of a private team are still blue. With multiple accounts, it would be nice to reflect the account that is currently selected. Ideally, it would also let you select the font color too.

Under review

Execute commands as notifications

Andreas 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2

I think it could be nice to be able to choose to have your Ryver client execute a command when you get a notification/message. Primarily the reason for this is that I'm interested in making a notification that is more clearly visible. However a feature like this could be used for a lot of other tings as well, if you add the possibility of parameters like the ability to pass the message/sender/team to the command a lot of possibilities would open op for quick and simple integrations.


Right click to correct spelling

Aaron 7 years ago updated by Mimi 6 years ago 4

Currently the Ryver desktop app shows that a spelling mistake has been made, but there's no way to easily fix it. In the browser (Chrome), I can right-click the word and it offers a way to correct the misspelled word with suggestions. I would like to see that same functionality in the Ryver Desktlp app.

Under review

Windows client won't start mimimized

Andreas 7 years ago updated by jeff 7 years ago 1

The windows client won't start minimized even if I tell it to through the shortcut properties.

Under review

Introduce the concept of a "personal" organization which becomes the user in other organizations.

Mike Boysen 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2

This would facilitate a) the ability to see all of my conversations in a single org, relevant to me and b) the ability to orchestrate conversations in an adhoc fashion across orgs and/or people. For example, if I'm a customer who is invited to one or more teams, across one or more vendors, I could interact with them in my personal org. If I wanted to introduce my golfing buddy as an outside resource to an internal (my company) opportunity, the golfing buddy should need to locate and enter yet another org. This is the Vendor Relationship Management approac to creating a grass-roots adoption a la Doc Searles. Just a thought

Under review

Allow admins to view direct messages

Charlie Brummitt 7 years ago updated by martin 6 years ago 4

As an admin, I'd like to be able to view all direct messages.

This request is closely related to the request "Allow Admin to see and manage ALL teams, not just the ones they are on" http://feedback.ryver.com/topics/14-allow-admin-to-see-and-manage-all-teams-not-just-the-ones-they-are-on/

Under review

Putting "Search" in a conventional location in the desktop app

Nathan Joel Waters 7 years ago updated by jeff 7 years ago 1

I would like to suggest moving the search bar, refresh icon, multi-select icon, and the online users toggle icon. It would seem to me better to have them in a convnetional place like many search bars are in the top right corner. It removes the trapped space around the "Chat" "Posts" bar, and it frees up some real estate for the actual chats themselves.

Image 1

Under review

Unique Desktop Notification Icon

Oli Chance 7 years ago updated by jeff 7 years ago 1

This may be a Windows-only issue, but currently the desktop pop-up notifications for Ryver use the same blue circle with an 'i' in the middle symbol as general Windows notifications.
This means that it's sometimes hard to tell out of the corner of one's eye if something is a Ryver pop-up or some kind of dull system notification. It would be great if it could be changed to a custom Ryver-only icon that's distinct enough from the Windows one to be easily distinguished.