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Execute commands as notifications

Andreas 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

I think it could be nice to be able to choose to have your Ryver client execute a command when you get a notification/message. Primarily the reason for this is that I'm interested in making a notification that is more clearly visible. However a feature like this could be used for a lot of other tings as well, if you add the possibility of parameters like the ability to pass the message/sender/team to the command a lot of possibilities would open op for quick and simple integrations.

Under review

Hi Andreas - So are you asking for a chat command that would allow any user to send a notification in the NOTIFICATIONS tab to another user? Like:

/notify @andreas "Hey Andreas, don't forget we're meeting at our other office tomorrow!"

Maybe that would be useful as well but my thought was a setting under notifications like if there is a new notification for team X execute the command "echo notification recieved > notification.log". I realize this might be a complicated feature that likely won't work on all platforms so maybe not something you are interested in implementing right now. I just wanted to but the idea out there. As I said it could be used for some simple integration with other applications, like if I get a new message in one specific team I could pass that to another application for publishing, logging or something like passing the notification to a blinking light for greater visebility.