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Outlook Plugin for sharing emails and discussing them

jeff 7 years ago updated by Kimeree 3 years ago 6

Would like to have an Outlook plugin that supports sharing an email to Ryver as a "Shared Email" Post, allowing my team to discuss the email in the comments section. It would work similarly to how the current Ryver Chrome Extension works with Gmail.


Reusable checklists in tasks

Andrey Verbin 5 years ago updated by Piotr 5 years ago 1

We often do tasks which has same steps. Like 

Step 1 - talk with analyst and learn requirements

Step 2 - implement feature

Step 3 - write documentation

Creating same steps over and over again in tasks is tedious and error prone. I suggest to implement 'named checklists' and quickly add predefined checklists to tasks. 


Ryver Integration with GURU

Ben 5 years ago 0

We use Guru (https://www.getguru.com) for Knowledge Management.  Slack allows us to use /Guru and ask for anything we need to know (/Guru SearchTerm).  We would like RYVER to have that capability too.


Quick and convenient way to direct message multiple people

martin 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2

It would be great if you could hold down Control and select multiple people to start a conversation with them without creating a new private team, similar to the way you can do it on Skype.

For this, of course, you would need a more convenient list of people to choose from.

(Perhaps the Search on the top-left should be extended to include sub-categories, e.g. searching for messages or searching for people, although I would also want it to work from the list of direct chats I have at present; i.e. I would like to select people from there).


Mac Fullscreen Support

Godfrey Hendrix 6 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 1

Implement fullscreen functionality on the Mac app. Right now clicking the green icon only makes app maximize to the screen (but does not enable fullscreen mode).


Create a role of 'Forum Admin'

ChrisD 7 years ago 0

I see many ideas being submitted around increasing Admin functionality, but this one is quite specific. As a 'super-admin' I'd like to give rights to a Member to manage their own Forum, and have the same rights over their Forum as I have over all Forums. ie. Be able to sticky posts, edit other peoples' posts, delete posts, within a single Forum.

Under review

Daily digest / summary email

Ryan Shuya Scouts 7 years ago updated by Vance 5 years ago 5 1 duplicate

We are a volunteer group and we do not require instant, daily communication. The email notifications for each post change or direct message are overwhelming for our members, as very few of them have jobs where they are at a computer all day. A daily digest or summary email for team chats and posts would allow for timely updates while being easy on the inbox. For us, the best time to send the digest would be early evening (or make it configurable).


Greater Stability On Slower Connections

Oli Chance 7 years ago updated by Josh 7 years ago 2

I've been travelling for the last couple of weeks, which has given me the opportunity to test Ryver in a variety of connections at a variety of speeds.

Unfortunately, it performs very badly on anything less than around a 10Mb connection, and even then seems very prone to dropping out, constantly reconnecting, and leaving important messages with the dreaded Red Triangle of Did-Not-Send, leaving it functionally unusable on all but the most stable of connections.

As such, I've had to resort to Skype, Slack and other more stable messaging services, when I'd much rather be able to rely on Ryver throughout.

Would it be possible to look at improving stability on lower connection speeds? As ever, apologies if this has already been mentioned/has already been addressed, but I think this is a hugely important issue for those of us who aren't lucky enough to be on superfast connections all the time.


See who add a reaction on a message.

Gregory Kisling 4 years ago 0

On Mobile it's not possible to see who add reaction on a message.

It would be very useful.


Desktop client auto reconnect

ivan_takev 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 0

I move frequently in and out of network range and switch between cable and wi-fi.
Very often I would return to network range and find the desktop client telling me it is unable to connect and I need to press connect in order to actually connect. Other messengers that I have would "know" that I am already online and will auto-reconnect. It would be nice if Ryver could do the same, otherwise one would stay offline for long periods although connected to the Internet...


Reminder Date / Time

Kimeree 7 years ago updated by Ben 5 years ago 1

It would be nice to be able to pick a specific date and time versus needing to add the exact number of hours from the current time into the future. Ex. If it is 4:40 pm my time and I say remind me in 1 day it will remind me tomorrow at 4:40 pm. If I want it to remind me at 8am the next day I would have to set it for 15 hours which would return it at 7:40 am. Not an issue if it is just one day but from Friday to Monday it becomes challenging. :-)


Option to set order of Sticky Posts

DavidC 7 years ago updated by Anthony 5 years ago 2

Right now stickies are displayed in order of Last is First. When setting a series of stickies as 1), 2), 3) etc it would be helpful to have the option to display them alphanumerically.

Under review

Change defaults from CHATs to POSTs

Bill Gravelle 7 years ago updated by RyverMan 6 years ago 5
A suggestion from our community - default POST instead of CHAT. At least make it a community, or forum/team, or personal setting. We definitely want to encourage POSTs and it seems the default setting might be the best way.

Under review

Notifications should take you to the chat message and highlight just as a comment on a Post does

Christopher 7 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 2

Notifications should take you to the chat message and highlight just as a comment on a Post does.

Currently, when you click on a notification from inside the Notification section, certain ones take you directly to the chat (and highlight it in yellow) while others don't.

For example, a comment to a Post will take you directly to that comment and highlight it.
However, an @ mention in a Forum chat message will only take you to the channel and not to the chat itself. It also doesn't highlight it in yellow.

I would like to see it so that it also highlights Chat messages in the same way it does on a Comment.

Under review

Single Ryver User login (universal, global) for accessing all of my Ryver accounts.

jeff 7 years ago updated by Mike Boysen 7 years ago 2

Would like to have a single Ryver login that gives me access to all of my accounts. If I could do ad-hoc communications with others via a Global Directory, that would be a great bonus!