Quick and convenient way to direct message multiple people

martin 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2

It would be great if you could hold down Control and select multiple people to start a conversation with them without creating a new private team, similar to the way you can do it on Skype.

For this, of course, you would need a more convenient list of people to choose from.

(Perhaps the Search on the top-left should be extended to include sub-categories, e.g. searching for messages or searching for people, although I would also want it to work from the list of direct chats I have at present; i.e. I would like to select people from there).

How about a shortcut like Ctrl+Shift+N which will open up a new private chat in which you can @ mention one or more people to bring them directly into the private discussion with you?

Alternatively, how about a general feature where, if you @ mention someone that is not in the private group, Ryver will prompt you, saying that the person is not in your private group and offering to add that person?