Outlook Plugin for sharing emails and discussing them

jeff 8 years ago updated by Kimeree 4 years ago 6

Would like to have an Outlook plugin that supports sharing an email to Ryver as a "Shared Email" Post, allowing my team to discuss the email in the comments section. It would work similarly to how the current Ryver Chrome Extension works with Gmail.

This would also be great with up and coming modern applications like Mailbird that already supports integration with Slack!

Yeah, that's a good point. We'll have to take a look at Mailbird. Thanks!

Gmail and calendar integration


We have started a Proof of Concept Outlook plugin that will work with the desktop app and Office365.

Hi Jeff - I found the Office 365 addin but can't locate the addin to import into the desktop application.  Is that available and if so, will you please direct me to where I may find it?