Under review

Allow other users to edit a Post on a team

jeff 8 years ago updated by Matt Golman 6 years ago 7

Please add an option to give other users edit rights on a post, allowing me to create a post, but have others collaborate directly by editing the post. The options would be to allow Team Admins to edit the post, or all Team Members.

Under review

please consider this, it would be a great unique feature!

indeed, it would be great to add teammate (edit) within a private team to edit a post

Yes this would be a great option. I have several posts that I seem to always start out the same way with an agenda/goal(s)/ground rules for the post. So it would be nice to start out a post with a "template" agenda/goal(s)/ground rules per say at the beginning of the new topic/post and allow the other team members to modify if/when needed as the post changes over time. Right now they have to 1 to 1 message me to make the update(s) to the original post. This current method works, but is not necessarily the most efficient way to handle this.

This would be very helpful. Please do consider it. We end up using Google Docs to collaborate for little things that would be much better if they lived right in a Ryver post.

This would be seriously useful. We're running into problems with this limitation. Another solution is to have a "make topic editable by team" toggle on a post, that only the post creator and team admins can enable.