Adhoc group chat without creating a team

jeff 8 years ago updated by JohnKlein94 2 years ago 35

Would like to be able to select multiple users and have a chat conversation with them, similar to group text messages on a phone, without having to create a team and add them as teammates.


My users have been asking for this for a month. We have several 3 person teams around the office who interact on a variety of topics. If they could have ad-hoc group chat without needing a Team to be created, it would help them be more efficient. They've come to rely on Posts though, so a stripped down version of features wouldn't be as usable.


With today's cosmetic updates, our users asked when the features that actually matter and would improve their communications would be implemented. This is the single most requested feature from our entire team, and we get asked for updates on when it will happen at least monthly.


We are in the process of setting up a Ryver group for our family of siblings and step siblings to facilitate discussion of estate planning-related issues. Ryver promises to be a very practical venue for these discussions. When it becomes possible to send one-off direct messages to more than one person at a time -- i.e., adhoc group chat without creating a team -- it will be even more practical. Thumbs up on this one!


Hi Jeff

just checking in on this topic is it still planned to be a feature of Ryver and if so do you have an estimated timeframe for implementation?


I was wondering the same. having group chat is something we really need. Slack has this feature, when will Ryver get this added?

Can an ETA be provided for when we expect this feature? This would increase a lot of productivity and reduce clutter to avoid having to create teams for every short group discussion.


Our office has been using Ryver for a year, and as part of our yearly service review we'll be comparing other tools on the market to see if Ryver is still the best fit for our needs. Lack of ad-hoc group chat is the #1 complaint we've had from our staff.


I guess this could be similar to having a private forum

It can be but a private forum is a little more formal and doesn't work when you quickly need to reach 2 or more people in private with the same message.


This one has been marked "Planned" for a while. Is there a timeline around this feature? Our user-base is growing significantly and we lack an easy way to communicate privately in an ad-hoc manner with various members without resorting to opening a single chat for each user.


We've recently switched from Slack and this is one thing we used quite a bit, are there any plans to implement this soon?


only looking for a short and one-time chat with 2 people...


This is one thing that is making me hesitant from transitioning from Slack to Ryver. I worry about a mutiny from my team.


This feature is dearly needed. 

This feature id dearly needed indeed !

Any news about this?  The first request for this feature was 2 years ago!

Is anybody monitoring these comments?

Group Chat should be in Ryver, perhaps the Team has different priority as at the memont Private Team feature already cater this issue as temporary fix

Most needed feature and ... shouldn't have taken that long in the planning!!

Really imperative.


also desperately needed by us! I see people switching back to email because this is not feasible in Ryver.. Any news here?

Same in our organization. This feature seems fundamental in communicating with a group, the ability to casually message selected staff without establishing a new team. We are paid Ryver users but note that Slack has this feature. When will Ryver add this important ability? These posts go back a couple of years and it is marked as planned. It would be good if they could provide a timeline. 

Is there an ETA for this request? We want to migrate our entire team to Ryver but it's essential for us to be able to create ad hoc chats to talk about certain concepts.. Teams are great but it's more of if these people will be talking or working together for a long period of time. Discussion on topics via adhoc chats are essential for any organization one would think. So far, this has only been the deal breaker for us. Please can we get an ETA for this feature?

We are definitely finding this the biggest issue with Ryver, with a significant number of ad hoc threads occurring via email because they can't happen on Ryver.

Seems to me that the Ryver people stopped looking at these posts of THEIR USERS long ago.  :(


Shows as "planned" for more than 3 years.  This seems like a very fundamental feature of software intended for group communication. We are only talking about the ability to have multiple recipients of a direct message like any common email or text message can do, except on our private Ryver network.


need the ability to create "private messages" among few users; creating a team is the only way to do it, but it's too heavy... i end up going to the many other messaging choices our company offers, which dilutes the value proposition of using Ryver for messaging+boards single tool promise.  


yes, definitly needed by us as well! Major disadvantage so far that causes chaos because people don’t remember whether they discussed certain issues by Ryver or email. Developers should finally get this implemented!

Absolutely needed!   There are multiple times every day that I want to direct chat with more than one person but I don't want/need to create a team to do that. 


3 years after the, does anyone from Ryver team could give us news about that ?

I came from Slack and I see so many features missing in Ryver such this one... If your are not able to provide such a feature stop to compare yourself with Slack.

This is a key feature for us too - we've moved from Slack to Ryver and the lack of this feature really limits Ryver usefulness



No answer :-( . This feedback website is totally dead. It's such a shame because I was thinking (and my company too) Ryver was a serious alternative to Slack. Ryver team, your silence is not  bearable.

Bye bye Ryver, we come back to Slack...