Under review

User polls/polling in Forums and Teams

jeff 8 years ago updated by Анастасия Куб 11 months ago 9

Would like to be able to set up a poll within a forum or team and have users vote. The poll would display the results prominently. Perhaps this would be a special type of Post on the POSTS tab.

Under review

I'm wondering if there is an update here? We had a situation today where one of our members just created something using this site (which was new to me - http://www.strawpoll.me/). I'd certainly vote for other integrations to take precedence, and still this is an important feature that exists in other communication tools and would be nice to see here, sooner than later.


Thanks for the link! That's an interesting polling UI. We still want to add a built-in polling option but haven't managed to work it up to the top of the priority list yet. I've seen customers work around it by doing things like:

1. Create a Post describing the poll

2. Create a comment with each option

3. Up-vote the comment or comments containing the options you like

This is pretty brilliant innovation right there :D

Hi Jeff, have you guys built this in yet?  Thanks for letting me know!

Step by Step video on how to create a quick poll in Microsoft Teams.

A bit discouraging that this is only doable in MS Teams. :(

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