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Customize Emoticons

Piet Nutbey 8 years ago updated by Kevin Nguyen 3 years ago 14

One thing we really like would be an added option for custom icons / emoticons.

Of-course this adds nothing to functionality, but I know our team of 8 always loves to play around with it.


A workaround is to simply embed any images you want to use as an emote like this:

![](image url)

You could then just save some of them in a text document for reuse or if you are feeling ambitious you could use Autohotkey hotstrings to enter them quickly.


Thanks for that tip! Surely a nice option, hadn't thought about embedding and solves my "urges" for custom emoticons.

However still hoping for a team-wide solution, as not all our team members are savvy with Markdown.

Not familiar with Autohotkey, seems to me that may be a Windows only solution. For Mac: I personally use "Alfred" a lot. About a decade ago I also used TextExpander quite frequently.


Our team would really enjoy this as well.

Under review

Our team currently uses Slack and makes frequent use of custom emoticons. If that functionality can be added to Ryver, we'd be more excited about making the switch. :)


Also, the emoticon panel takes ages to load, correcting that would be nice.


Yeah we make heavy usage of the custom emoji/gifs from Slack as well.


Agree. Might sound silly. But it's an important feature


I agree this is needed for Corporate environments and just friendly chatting :)


Some diversity of skin tone in the emojis would be very welcomed.


How is this not yet a thing? I need to react to messages with hilarious emojis!

But seriously, how is this still "under review"? Please make this happen! 


not having custom emojis is negatively impacting the engineers' productivity: we have to copypaste stuff for the interwebz wasting valuable time. it's a core feature of any modern agile-enabling tool.

Still nothing about this feature ?

This is sooo sad. We are Ryver users since 5 years now, but I recently worked on Slack for a client, and this feeature is simply a MUST HAVE.

Unfortunately, as it's "under review" for 5 years now, I'm not very enthousiastic :'(