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Chat Notifications for Android and IOS do not link to the chat, but to the "All Notifications" page

ajsween 4 years ago 0

When receiving a chat notification on IOS or Android, the notification does not link to the chat. Clicking it takes you to the "All Notifications" page of Ryver instead. Meaning I then have to go find the person that messaged me to find out what that chat fully said.


The Tasks section becomes unresponsive when there are too many Tasks

Ben 4 years ago 0

When a Task section has over 600 or 700 active tasks, it's starts becoming unresponsive.  As tasks increase, it first takes a few seconds to load, but then it can become completely unresponsive and the tasks won't load at all.

This happened to me.  I was adding old tasks I had in my outlook, with the idea of working on them or assigning it to other people on my company.  First it was only a couple seconds delay.   Days passed and as I added more tasks the delay started to grow to 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, etc.  Got to the point that it took a few minutes and sometimes it just would not load.  I had to retry several times until it finally loaded, and I had no choice but to reverse the process: I started copying the tasks back to my outlook and deleting them from Ryver.

This shouldn't happen.  Alternatively, Ryver should mention that users should not have more than X qty of active tasks.


Remove image filename when uploading

Hosnel G. 4 years ago 0

The file names seem to be unnecessary and doesn't make for a fluid chat experience. Would be nice to have it removed.


Create Topic option is available even if Topics are hidden

RyverMan 4 years ago 0

As Admin we've hidden 'Topics, for a particular forum. All we have available for this particular forum is 'Chat'. However it is possible to enter a post into the Chat and then select 'Create topic' (and Create task) from the ... menu.

If Topics have been disabled in a particular forum, then the menu option to convert a 'Chat' post to 'Topic' should be removed.


Expand checklists in task view

Guido 4 years ago 0


I think adding checklists to tasks is great, but when they are hidden in the task content window, they get out of sight in the task board overview. 

Thus, I would appreciate an ability to 'expand' individual tasks in the board overview to show all checklist items



double click to edit a message in chat

Hemant Shah 4 years ago 0

You can quickly edit the previous message in chats but to edit a message that is above the previous one, you have to open the menu and select edit. 

If editing of a message is made possible by simply double clicking it, it will be more intuitive. 


Missing Photo in user profile

Francimour 4 years ago 0

Ability to rename "Tasks" and "Task" label on a forum to what the forum admin decides

Hemant Shah 4 years ago 0

The "Tasks" may not always have tasks, they could also be "documents", "items", "duties" etc. Though I understand that since it is tied with Ryver's task feature, this is the prime consideration. However, if it is used for some other purposes, the description "Tasks" and "Task" can be confusing to new user entering the forum. 


Add A Note In Comment/Post

Afzaal Afridi 4 years ago updated by anonymous 2 years ago 0

Please consider adding "notes" function just like "decision" in Atlassian Stride. Embedding or seperation of a post as a "NOTE" or as a "Decision" really helps distinguish between normal chat and a specific or special thing that is mentioned in a long list of conversations. I loved this in Stride but i would love to see this here too.


Filter by task id in task view / link to task

Stefan 4 years ago 0


if you have many tasks it becomes difficult to find a specific task id. It would be nice to have additional filter for the task id in the task view. Helpful would be as well if I could have a task url or could reference to a task like to teams e.g. +TASK-10 

Hope many people would like to have this.



Export task data as .tsv or .json

mski 4 years ago updated by joeboon 2 years ago 2

the export would just need to contain basic task data e.g. title, description, who created the task, who it was assigned to, when it was completed, who completed it


Small Business Ideas In India

Pravishti 4 years ago 0

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Accepting private team invitation requires desktop client restart

Michael H 4 years ago 0

After accepting a private team invitation, our users have to restart Ryver to make it show up in the "Private Teams" list. We're using the Windows desktop client.


igloo integration

pwilcox 4 years ago 0

It would be nice to have igloo.com integration.