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Check out this support article: support.ryver. , com/generate-a-signup-url

As it stands right now I think it is already a bit unclear since you can choose to invite a user but then what happens is that instead of creating a topic in that team with that user it is placed under topics for you and that user only. Since this is done while you have the team below and you accessed the feature under that teams topics I think it is not unreasonable to believe that the topic is supposed to end up in that team.

So maybe a change so that multiple users could be chosen with a warning that no other users will get notifications for this topic unless they manually subscribe or gets mentioned would be a better design. I think this would be a good feature since you often want to have a public discussion but you know several member will not want to be bothered with all the notifications. If you have to manually unsubscribe from all topics you do not care about then at least in large teams that can lead to a lot of extra work.

So that's my preferred way of solving it but if that it not how you want to move forward then maybe something should be done about the "add topic for" section since you likely want to add the topic in the section where you clicked add (obviously the option needs to stay under topic stream).

You can already kind of do this with approval per domain: support.ryver.coom/generate-a-signup-url

Yes, try copying what I wrote and replace the words linkname and url then post it in Ryver.

Like this? [linkname](url)

I often have a code block and some text to go along with it to explain it. That might be difficult to automatically detect since this extra text could just be a row missing indentation. The way I have made this easier to work with is autohotkey's feature hotstrings (autotyping the ´´´ ´´´).

Maybe something like rssmix or chimpfeedr.

SHIFT + Return gives you a newline instead of sending the message (tested Windows client).

support.ryver . com/markdown/

feedback.ryver . com/topics/38-chat-message-formating-helper-button/

Ryver uses markdown, ** make the text cursive. You can fix it with a space in between or a code block:

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