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If a message contains two or more asterisks after the send the * dissapears

M Evans 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 5

Example try to send 3*5*6

Ryver uses markdown, ** make the text cursive. You can fix it with a space in between or a code block:

code block text

Hi andreas as i said before i don't have ** but 3*5*6 (there is a 5 between the to *). I've allready read this https://support.ryver.com/markdown/ and i can't undertand why the above (without space doesn't work.

I think i found why. The letters between two * means italic (but it's not in the https://support.ryver.com/markdown/)


^ Ridiculous to ask/expect people to know these kinds of things.

Under review

We're taking a look at this scenario. Ours actually works similar to Github markdown, but we can see that some other products like Slack won't apply the * formatting unless there are spaces around them.