Your comments

Using the desktop app there is a download button in place, but when you use it the file has been renamed to "true" with no extension. This has been an issue for some of my users. I have instructed user to rename file and add extension, but would be nice if when you click the download button it downloads the file with the original file name in place.

It would also be nice if when you promoted a chat to a post - the chat messages that you include with the promotion to post are all removed from the chat stream. Example a user started a chat, a few others replied and I realized this topic would be better served as a post and I promoted the original chat and following stream, But they all stay intact in chat so when someone new sees it they just reply in-line in the chat stream and never go to the post.

I like the idea of having it inform you some how that a post was created or that a chat stream was promoted to a post, but then the promoted chats need to go away. Until then I will just start deleting the related chat once promoted to post.

In addition to all mentioned above. It would be really great if as an admin you could setup a default set of private teams and then promote a user in each team as the admin (I know you can promote team members to team admin) and after doing so - you as the creator of said private team have the option to leave the team. This would be useful in setting up a default organization structure. But then leaving the private teams I really don't need to be a part of.

Thanks for your work on this, looking forward to the added options.

I agree, and maybe even an option to move/copy into a private team but not out of a private team. Example something gets started in open forum then gets to a point where it makes much more sense for only key players to keep it moving forward - so you move it to a private team.

How about adding a more dominant distinction between posts, if you have several expanded they can easily run together. Maybe a thicker or bolder line between posts or maybe highlight the header row in a different color or even alternate colors like used in a table with alternating row colors so that you could make out where a new post starts with ease.

This is tagged as planned. Any idea when this might be a reality in the app. For my needs this is a major advantage Slack currently has over Ryver. Like stated above push notifications to no matter what device you use Ryver with is a must for truly effective team communications in today's world. Hope this feature is coming soon..