Admin control of who can create Forums, Teams, Users

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Currently, any member can create Forums or Teams. As an Admin, I would like to be able to limit who can create Forums and Teams. Especially Forums, which are visible to all other members.

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Yes! Limiting who can create Forums would be great. Ideally the default would be "Admins" and then individual users can be given rights to create a new forum. And like how Team can have a Team Admin, forums should be able to have Forum Admins. Of course this goes hand-in-hand with Admins being able to see and administer all Teams.


Agreed. There should also be some considerations as to whether a "Super admin" should exist (one who can delete/edit/access any private group, for example)...

I have come into a situation where I (as the team owner) cannot delete a private channel created by another user, even after deactivating that user...


PS: I think the above scenario may be a bug.... I now have no way of deleting that channel... its stuck in my acct "forever"?...

If I could upvote just these admin features I'd be golden :p Waiting anxiously for a permission of "Who can create public channels: [Anyone/Users/Admins]" "Who can create private channels: [Anyone/Users/Admins]" (this one most important for us, and "Who can invite to a channel: [Anyone/Owner&Admins]"

I hope these come... I even did a trial import from slack... very neat (despite the private channels issue which I'm not sure how we'd handle it yet...)

Under review

The inability of the admin to delete a Forum created by another user is definitely a bug. We will try to get that fix into the next update.


Do we know when this feature will be released?


It would be nice to set user permissions like that. Currently, users can mess stuff a bit.


+1 for more admin controls please!

Agreed. Any update on when this feature will be implemented. Currently looking at Ryver as a platform for my team and this is a huge thing for us right now.

The current lack of admin controls has been a huge obstacle that we've had to work around with our current usage.


I'm in the process of moving a team onto Ryver and the admin controls are so minimal. It's concerning to say the least.

New user just setting up a global forum. The problems associated with any user being able to set up private teams or (even worse!) guests is huge problem. Have you set a date for the 'planned' introduction?

We've been using Ryver for 6 months now, and the continuing lack of administrative controls is an obstacle. When we review our usage in the new year, we might be switching platforms to another service if the controls are still missing. Today's cosmetic changes are nice but not priority, and shows a disconnect between the dev plan and user needs.

"Under Review" for 6 months :( "Planned" for 6 months :( Rather crazy as an ADMIN i cant even manage a forum.


It's sending me bonkers! I have started up an international group of diverse consumer advocates with a Steering Group to create a new international organisation. I have had to invite all the Open Forum members (over 60 people) as 'guests' as I do not wish to lose control - especially in the important foundation stages. I do not want open forum members creating private teams creating division and discord. Nor do I wish members to be able to invite new members to the team.

I created a 2 new sub forum for members to discuss a particular project and had to go through the laborious process of having to 'invite them all' as their guest status precluded automatic access.

This is frankly ridiculous Ryver!

Administrators need to have overall control of the system - PLEASE GET IT SORTED!

Oh..less important but irritating. Is it possible to stop assuming everyone spells in USA English - I'm fed up seeing dotted red lines under organisation, summarise etc., is there a possiblity of your providing an option to use English UK dictionary or at the very least you inputting common UK words such as organisation into your dictionary to stop this happening? Thank you!

Yes, this really needs some attention. Some additional levels of admin privilege would be great (e.g., member, admin, super-user || junior member, senior member || some other approach?), or being able to restrict certain actions by account/role. Allowing all members to create new forums and groups is not ideal.


Ok, we have finally freed up a critical developer from other core issues that prevented us from implementing this and we will be spending next week working on the ability for an Admin to control whether members can create teams, forums or invite guests.

Other Administrative features will be looked at as well in the coming weeks, but this will be our initial focus.


In addition to all mentioned above. It would be really great if as an admin you could setup a default set of private teams and then promote a user in each team as the admin (I know you can promote team members to team admin) and after doing so - you as the creator of said private team have the option to leave the team. This would be useful in setting up a default organization structure. But then leaving the private teams I really don't need to be a part of.

Our organization is very interested in this feature. I see that it is planned which is TERRIFIC! I am curious if you have an ETA such at Q1 2017 or some undetermined time in 2017 etc.

We now have the code in our development environment to allow the Admin to control the Member user role. The options are:
  • Don't allow members to create Forums
  • Don't allow members to create Teams
  • Don't allow members to invite Guests

I'll be using both the first and third. Allowing our users to create their own teams without giving the ability to make new forums or invite external people is huge. When might we see this live in the app?


Our goal is to get this into our internal production environment by early next week. If everything looks good, we would likely roll out at the end of next week. But there is always the chance we'll run into issues and need to iterate on fixes.

You're saying we might have this live in less than 2 weeks? *hallelujah gif*

Understood and MANY THANKS!

Great! I am so excited about this!!


We rolled out the server-side support for Admin control of role-based functionality today. However, we need a few more days of testing on the UI side to make sure a user's nav bar and menu options update appropriately as the Admin makes changes to their ability to create teams and forums, or invite users.

Jeff is it online?

status update on Client side Admin Controls?

has there been any developments since your last update Jeff?


Sorry about the delay. We were having troubles with the clients auto-updating their UI to hide the functionality if the Admin turns off features. We've been running it in our internal production environment this week, though, and just have one bug remaining that I hope to get fixed today.

Great news! Thanks for the update Jeff!

Good to hear so maybe it will be available next week?

Very happy to hear a progress update. Our admin group looks forward to implementing some changes once this is available.


We rolled this update out tonight. Please note that Mobile app updates are still pending, which means if you turn off, say Create Forum, for members, they will still see the Create Forum option on their phones, but they won't actually be able to create a forum, as the server prevents it. Not ideal, but we decided not to hold the feature any longer. Mobile apps should be updated within the next week to match.

As an aside, if you have users who never accepted their invite, you can now delete them completely rather than just deactivate them.