More user preferences for notifications

jeff 7 years ago updated by Brad Z 5 years ago 25

Would like to have more control over type of notifications received, and in what format. Example preferences:

  • Get notifications of ALL chat messages in specified teams, not just @mentions
  • Get push notifications all the time, not just when "away" or "offline"

Especially in the beginning, it is important that you can receive ALL notifications of Chat messages in a team!

I definitely need to be notified of all chat messages in all teams I'm a part of.

Right now, if you leave every forum/team on the Chat tab, the browser tab will turn orange. But if you've accidentally left one on a Post tab, it won't highlight in the list, so you have to click on every single forum/team to find it. Which is a pain when you have dozens! lol


This should also be extended beyond email. This day in time texting is way more used than email. If the profile has a cellphone attached to it, they should be able to be notified either via text or push notification (as a developer both of these are VERY simple)

This is tagged as planned. Any idea when this might be a reality in the app. For my needs this is a major advantage Slack currently has over Ryver. Like stated above push notifications to no matter what device you use Ryver with is a must for truly effective team communications in today's world. Hope this feature is coming soon..

We'll be doing a significant update to our chat server architecture over the next 4-6 weeks that will allow us to then offer much more flexibility with the notifications, providing a more unified experience when being alerted of activity across chat, posts and comments.

We'll see if we can offer up some additional "push" notifications options in the interim.

Thanks for your work on this, looking forward to the added options.

I had posted a reply below but haven't seen a reply -- what's the status of notifications for members of a private team?

What is the status on the update? When can we expect push notification on teams?

Sounds good, thanks for the update!

How'd the update go? The fact that we can't receive ALL notifications from a Private Team chat (at least) to all parties is really inhibiting us using Ryver fully, so just wondered if there was an update to this one.

Are there any updates on this feature? For our team, it would be essential to be able to get mobile push notifications for ANY message in a given forum/team. Is there any progress on this feature? If this isn't going to be implemented in the near future, we might have to switch to a different platform, but that would be a real shame, since I personally love everything else about Ryver. Hope to hear from you and thanks for a reply in advance.

EDIT: Just to clarify our situation and needs: I understand that for conventional teams at for example workplaces this feature isn't that important. They have set working hours, and will have the app open for that time and check regularly for new messages. Our team instead is the board of a student organisation. That means that since our team members don't have set hours during which they are required to have the application open, they need a way to be informed for new messages. Since everything is done on free time, the team members need to know when there are some new messages and they need to actually take time to open the app and read through new messages.

Ditto for our teams. We have remote and local users across the country in large numbers. Compiling @s all the time would be tedious, frustrating and counter-productive. Push notifications are essential. Happy to about even a rough timeline... thanks for the great platform >>>>> awesome!!


TL;DR - Push Notifications are essential for ALL posts in EVERY thread whether someone is mentioned or not. 👍🏻😁

Just want to echo the comments here. Kinda frustrating to not be able to get @mentions on my mobile device. Direct message notifications are good, but @mentions are just as crucial. As is being able to turn on notifications for all messages for some channels.

Hello, any news on this? We cannot use Ryver if we are not sure that each new message in a chat will be notified to all the members of the team or the organization (in case of public threads)...

I'm also wondering where this is in priority. We're about to do a larger rollout of Ryver in our org and this will be difficult without being able to be notified of chat messages.

Is there any discussion/updates on the ability to disable being notified for @team in a particular open forum? Our org uses open forums per department and I don't want to get a push notification at 3am for a department that I am not a member of in the org, but still in their chat. 


Our latest release has the beginnings of more granular notification control. You now have better control of your Topic and Task notifications in teams and forums. Next we'll be letting you go to "My Settings" and choose your defaults for these, and then additionally you can override on a team-by-team or forum-by-forum basis.

We're also starting to look into the chat server changes required to be notified of every chat message in a team/forum.

We'll take a look at what it would require to add an additional preference to remove yourself from @team notifications and/or provide additional named @mention groups.

Is there any status/timeline of @team controls?

Would it also be possible to have an option to disable notifications (Push or otherwise) of new forums being created, and a way to opt out of any kind of notif. auto-subscribe? Would these be implemented in the topic/task notifications you mentioned?

Overall the current notification system seems a bit oversimplified, which while not exactly a bad thing, leaves a bit to be desired for when it comes to larger orgs moving to Ryver who are creating a lot of content initally. Occasionally it feels like one is drowning in notifications.

Really appreciate the prompt response! It's taking some learning curve to get used to the app, but I do see some great potential here.

How are the changes for chat coming? We are struggling with getting notifications for every chat. It would be nice to disable notifications for every chat message in private teams and only receive a notification for @mentions


I'm marking this as completed. There will be additional options coming. But the key ones of being able to get notified of team/forum chat messages, even if you are not @mentioned...and then being able to get push notifications when you are online...those are both completed.

Too little, too late... Already moved on. Thanks.