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This will be great ... as it is currently, I was going to suggest an enhancement so people would know that that is additional, ongoing activity in the Post; however, with this upcoming change, that product idea would be unnecessary ...

This is similar to another request our community is now considering. But that topic is slightly different, so I'll post a separate Product Idea.

It would also be great to have some information relative to signon activity - first/last datetime stamps, maybe a counter of days actually active in the group?

Rather than create a new idea, I will add on to this one (if it makes sense to separate it, then please do).

I would like to see the abilities of Eddy Bot be customizable. Or maybe that means the ability to create/integrate our own bots for our custom requirements.

As one quick example, I've used the /feedback shortcut a few times and I really like the concept. I would like to extend the concept to offer our own feedback collection form to our community. I'm thinking that the shortcut could fire a URL we define, perhaps with some addition of some query parms (with substitution values), to drive some of our own APIs or Forms (to minimize the amount of internal changes to Ryver - I'm focused on light-weight integration possibilities to add value to our community, easily available within the Ryver platform).

If/as needed, I offer my time for extended conversations/design/testing/POC, etc.

I upvoted and also encourage the Ryver team to roll out functionality via Eddy Bot as much as possible. UI is somewhat less-important than UX (when I'm the users, that is)!