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Customized Profile Information for Ryver Teams

ferril samal 7 years ago updated by jeff 6 years ago 4


I am part of the core team of India's largest student run cultural fest. We have a team of nearly 500 students for organising with 11 sub departments and 5 levels of organisation. There is a lot of inter-department relationship both on line and offline. For this finding people using their department and organisation level is necessary. Also there are certain personal details that are necessary (like room number and college ID) that we need to reach them on line and offline and for bureaucratic reasons. I suggest you add a feature to create a custom profile information form when the primary owner creates the team. Also when inviting team members allows admins to fill in the organisation level. It is similar to the profile information available on the enterprise version of outlook. This makes team building on ryver so easy. The alternative we are currently using is to hack the "role" field for this purpose. But it is not an elegant solution. Also our team-mates have to instructed to type the role in a certain format. Enforcing standards is very difficult especially when number of team-mates are large.

It would also be great to have some information relative to signon activity - first/last datetime stamps, maybe a counter of days actually active in the group?

Under review

I'm giving the app a road test.

The profile form field 'Role' ... could it be preset in the invite? Unalterable in the form.

Also is the repeat password field necessary ... I always find any repeat field really annoying.

We reviewed these requests, and for the time being, I don't see us prioritizing complex custom profile options in the free Ryver service. We will be doing a lot of work in the first half of 2017 on a Pro/Enterprise tier that includes things like Single Sign-On for user management, and some more advanced Administrative features for IT staff. I expect some of the scenarios here to fit into that effort, and we'll see what we can trickle down into the free service.