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Howdy - the purpose of this request was really more for the visibility of the member's timezone information. A simple way to see that our members are across the world, and to help easily see when might be the best time to engage them in chats. I thought that was very interesting and something we could emulate via a simple bot interface in Ryver.

YAY! I can't tell you how much this will help.

I don't think it will be necessary to disable the Chat option, clearly our community will benefit dramatically by allowing the Admin (me) to simply switch the defaults to the Post option. And, as previously mentioned, a simple interface through EddyBot would be perfect!

I'm wondering if there is an update here? We had a situation today where one of our members just created something using this site (which was new to me - I'd certainly vote for other integrations to take precedence, and still this is an important feature that exists in other communication tools and would be nice to see here, sooner than later.

Good morning - of course there are many options from IBM, Google, Microsoft and others to smoothly integrate translations into out software. I was struck by today's announcement from Microsoft and am looking at ways our community can take advantage of their chat service:

But most interesting for us here in Ryver would be the introduction of this widget: ... that could be something you might quickly and easily be able to integrate so that any text on any page can be translated as needed?

Please consider this type of option - seem like a potential home-run?

PS - I realize that, given the API-first nature of your solution, the widget approach may not be the final answer. But they also offer APIs: that might better fit into the Ryver rendering.

This is getting to be a critical request for our community. One of the major reasons I chose Ryver over alternatives was the ability to have contextual conversations with the Post framework. This feature can greatly reduce the noise and increase the value of the information, especially over time, especially as new members join the community.

Unconstrained conversations in Chat messages are really only useful in immediate problem detection/resolution. Many of our members are used to that noisy interface from other tools. They eventually get frustrated and start tuning out Ryver when that happens here.

I believe this is all unnecessary - this problem substantially goes away when the starting points are Posts. I'm really hoping we can find a way (even an internal hack, set by EddyBot) to reoriented this problem so that Ryver can capitalize on it's natural advantages over other tools in the general solution space. Contextual conversations are incredibly valuable - Posts provide that ability - we need to be able to emphasize Posts over Chats. Please help.

I assume that the link to Admin's DM is to provide notification of new enrollments. If so, then I request that feature as well - it would help us to know when there are new members (it might even be nice to have a notification message for everyone to know of the new members) ...

Also, we're considering using the Premium service (beta), so that might further support the customizable cammonad details ...

PS - We're also using Zapier for various integrations for our community. If the easiest first step for y'all would be to expose this advanced integration through that layer, then we'd be happy to follow that path (at least initially).

Thanks Jeff,

It's been a busy few months for us all. Given the recent explosion of bots in a variety of tools and the integration with IBM Watson APIs, I am interested in seeing what we might be able to do here with custom or extensible bots in Ryver. I didn't before, but I will now look at the links you provided; but I do notice that they've been out there without much enhancement activity.

Is there anything new on the horizon? I definitely believe it's time for us to start unleashing some new and compelling interactivity with our Ryver group. If we have some success internally, then I'm sure we would be very happy to opensource the solutions for the broader Ryver community.

Any ETA for this feature? We have an experienced Slack user, recently joining our community, who believes this feature will be a key component of our future success and long-term sustainability using Ryver as our collaboration/communication platform.