Generate "Invite URL" for inviting users

jeff 8 years ago updated by Stefanus “HowlinWulf” Fourie 7 years ago 11

Would like to generate a URL that can be shared on a web page or via email, which people can click to join my Ryver account. Would like to have control over which email domains are allowed.


This feature is in QA for testing. More options will be added in subsequent updates, such as associating a set of pinned forums/teams to the invite URL.


Just wanted to chime in how awesome this feature will be for building somewhat less tightly-knit communities ie. communities of semi-anonymous users who share an interest in some field. Thanks a lot Ryver team!

I upvoted and also encourage the Ryver team to roll out functionality via Eddy Bot as much as possible. UI is somewhat less-important than UX (when I'm the users, that is)!

I really want this! I am testing Slack as well and with Heroku was able to set up a link so that people can join. It is such a time saver and so many don't get the email invites.

When can we expect this feature? It started 6 month ago and the demand is growing! I have to manually invite 160 contacts in the next weeks... kind of pain point! ;)


We did a soft rollout of the core feature a while back. However, we have not advertised it because it isn't as fully functional as we know it will need to be. You can currently create a Signup URL for Members, and you can limit it to people with certain email domains. However, you cannot currently use it for Guests, and you cannot specify a set of teams/forums that users should be joined to for that specific URL.

Here is an article describing the current functionality: http://support.ryver.com/generate-a-signup-url/


Would it be possible to create a signup url that links directly to admin's DIRECT Message (instead of a forum or team)? If so, when will signup urls be ready? Thanks as generating signup urls is a really nice idea.

I assume that the link to Admin's DM is to provide notification of new enrollments. If so, then I request that feature as well - it would help us to know when there are new members (it might even be nice to have a notification message for everyone to know of the new members) ...

indeed. a DM signup url would be quite straightforward to select new members before adding them within private teams, not to mention even more private and less messy than creating a dedicated forum or team just for that purpose :)

Not sure if this is a bug or not, but we are able to use the signup link generated by talking to Eddy Bot multiple times. To create one, talk to Eddy Bot and use the command /signup-create, this satisfies the OP's first portion. Domains is another story though