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Now that I've used Ryver more, I think hiding the e-mail from everyone as a blanket setting will work great for our small organization.  People who need our e-mails have other ways of getting them.  Thanks!

Cool, thanks.  So many good ideas brought up in this thread, it's hard to nail down what the ultimate project was. 

Thanks :)

Oh.  Strange.  I feel that option has been available since before this thread was created?  Maybe not, but certainly when I had commented on this 8 months ago.

This will be in the next update then?  Thanks for working on this :)

I've gotten so used to this in almost every application. This would be great.

This would be great. I have a few users who use LaTeX to create articles and tutorials, so this would work well to let others proofread and collaborate seeing the intended formatting. LaTeX is a widespread standard that doesn't change much anymore, so won't need many updates I'd expect.

Yeah, it makes sense because I can skip over the quoted text if I'm already familiar with the reference, but my brain wants to read whatever is first naturally and I end up reading their statement, then the quote below, then their statement again to make sense of it.

Yeah, it's certainly clunky. I keep getting caught by how it closes the app completely when I hit back instead of minimizing (which actually makes sense, but contradicts the actions of most other applications in Android it seems).

When I try to share a photo in Ryver, it will open Ryver and load up, then I have to minimize it and go back to the object I wanted to share, and it'll recognize the share process this time. It'll be better once I get the habit down to not close the Ryver application all the time.

True, I had started to look into it. We don't have the budget to pay for services like that, but I guess it would probably be covered under the free services Zapier provides.

I believe I posted this on another point, but it's similar to this as well. It would be great if all file transfers defaulted to local LAN transfer, maybe cached locally or something, then if the user is in another location, it would use the Amazon S3 as the middleman.

I realize that we're in a unique situation that doesn't affect most where bandwidth is a finite resource here in the Yukon. They put a cap on what they inaccurately measure, and charge extra fees when we go over. That being said, this could be a benefit in security mitigating another layer of risk.