Make multiple photos/attachment uploads easier to send to a forum from an Android device.

Fore 8 years ago updated by Computers for Schools Yukon 7 years ago 1

Uploading multiple photo's or attachments from an android device seems like a difficult task on Android. There isn't a way to select more than one attachment in-one-go to save time and effort.

It would be very nice and appreciated if from the upload interface one could flag what they intend to share and it would take care of uploading the content by itself. Currently it is a one by one attachment ordeal. It makes it a very time consuming effort.

Share-ing a photo/attachment from another Android app (such as Skype) to the Ryver app also seems to trigger a login event (for each attachment) which further delays the entire process. Not sure if this is a bug.

Yeah, it's certainly clunky. I keep getting caught by how it closes the app completely when I hit back instead of minimizing (which actually makes sense, but contradicts the actions of most other applications in Android it seems).

When I try to share a photo in Ryver, it will open Ryver and load up, then I have to minimize it and go back to the object I wanted to share, and it'll recognize the share process this time. It'll be better once I get the habit down to not close the Ryver application all the time.