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Seems to me that the Ryver people stopped looking at these posts of THEIR USERS long ago.  :(

I believe "Posts" are now called "Topics".  I think the title of this idea should be changed from "Move posts from one Team or Forum to another" to "Allow moving Topics or parts of Topics to any other person, team or forum"

This is especially useful in the Notifications.  When you have A LOT of notifications and you want to see the oldest one, right now you have to scroll down a lot.  Would be nice to be able to sort both ways, so the oldest notification appears first.

Update: Now there are 53 closed out of 482 ideas posted... but there has been no action in the last few months.  Seems like the Ryver development team is completely ignoring what their users want and focusing ONLY in what they think users want.  I would propose giving 50% of the time to what the Company thinks is important and 50% to what the Users think is important.

Actually, it's not only when sending pictures.  It happens sending links or anything.  Ryver doesn't seem to remember the last Forum, Team or User that I sent the picture, link or message to.

Please note the "Estimated Time to Finish" would be an optional field that can be filled out with or without the deadline date & time.  As mentioned, not all tasks have a definite deadline.

Just to clarify, I am talking about the NOTIFICATIONS section.  I think that the reminders should have their own section, separate from all the other notifications.

Even better.  Leave the Create a Reeminder system as it is right now, but add a visible REMIND NOW button next to all messages.  That way, setting a quick reminder will take only one click.  Very efficient!