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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Near term need - For my organisation I have restricted deletions after a week. Although as I type this I am wondering if that is for every forum & private team or just the ones I can see? Will you please advise.

To date there have not been any requests for disclosure/evidence. But if there were, I would like to be able to export Direct messages and chats in a particular forum/private team between a set of dates. One forum or private team at a time. I would only be interested in the record 'as it is' on the day the report/export is generated. In other words, I would not be interested in any deletions or modifications that may have been made prior to the report being generated. 

I want to be able to use Ryver as our corporate chat tool. There can be no expectation of privacy on the part of staff as they are using a corporate resource just like there corporate email.

Some diversity of skin tone in the emojis would be very welcomed.

I work for a law enforcement agency. We employ ~600 staff. We have had to ban Whatsapp for official business because it cannot meet compliance/auditing laws. Slack for simple chat is way too expensive. I am looking for a cloud-based chat service that will allow us to export chats from forums, private teams and DMs just like we can do with our corporate email. I know of several other agencies that have this same issue with limited budgets.

In all the other factors Ryver wins out. But without a export functionality its a no go. I'm holding my breath!

Go Ryver...