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I don't think it's too much to expect for an official announcement from someone in a position of authority to state whether Ryver is going to continue to be supported/developed or whether we may wake up one morning and find it turned off? The latter scenario would cause huge problems for us, and if it were to happen, I'd like know about it, so that we can start to make other plans.

Any news on this please?

Any update on this one please? It would be very useful for Admin to know the last activity of a particular user.

Not quite. if a user is included in a team,they HAVE to select one of the three options above. There is no NULL value in the dropdown list, which means that you will ALWAYS be notified if a new topic has been posted, OR you start to participate in one, in which case, you will notified for every new update, once you have participated.

There is NO option to stop notifications altogether and just allow the users to dip in and out of any particular forum at will.

The notification of someone via @mentions is a separate issue.

This is also a huge security issue for us as well. We only allow user with an allocated email address on our domain to register. This way we can control and monitor access. It seems that once a user is in, they can change Username, name and email address, which makes it impossible to identify who they are. If there is a restriction on sign up to an email address on a particular domain the user should NOT be allowed to change that email address.

As admin, I would very much like to see that last time that particular users logged in, either on the 'Admin Settings->Manage Users' screen, or when viewing individual profiles

That's really good news, this will IMHO significantly enhance your product for all.

I understand the need to generate revenue, but please give serious consideration to putting this into your core product. It really is needed.

Thanks again.

This has been asked for several times in different places, and I for one would very much appreciate it implemented. We have real issues having both chat and posts in each forum. It has got to the point, where we are now looking at other platforms because for us as important items are being lost in chat (because it's not threaded), or it's being put into a post, and people don't know it's there! I'm sorry, but for some, it just doesn't work as it is.

I would suggest a flexible (admin controlled) approach, and for each forum there are numerical values that can be assigned to chat, posts and tasks. These would denote whether any of the above three areas of functionality appear, and if so in which order, as an example,

chat 0
posts 1
tasks 2

would mean that ONLY posts and tasks would appear, with posts being the default. I hope this makes sense, and would provide utmost flexibility.

Can we not take this a stage further? Allow Admin to choose in each forum whether Chat is displayed, Posts are displayed, or both (as they are now). Different forums are used in different ways for different reasons, and we need to select the best method of communication based on the nature of the forum.

Any news on this?  To add even better functionality, I would like admin to be able to select/hide chat OR posts for any particular forum, obviously leaving both as the default. Should be quite simple to implement, simply hide one of the other unwanted tabs? This would give us the best of both worlds?