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Perhaps the better option is creating an administrator promotion to another topic?

Sort of like an administrator sees something useful or interesting and then clicks a flag on that post which can then pop-up a subdialog in the Ryver interface; asking the administrator where he intends to move that content. (Topic/Team/Forum, etc)

Then on the user end , they would see a subreply indicating that the Administrator wishes to move/duplicate the content from one location to another Topic/Team/Forum. At that point the user can flag their own post with checkmarks that clarify if they are fine with that.

One check mark for:

--Adding themselves to an invited permission(s) list [Governed by the Administrator]

--Giving permission to have their post transferred. [User Consent\Content Control]

--A request to Pin the item to their own interface to follow up on any subsequent posts. [Connecting the User to any subsequent replies]

--Finally a checkbox to create an integrated shortlink to the continuing conversation elsewhere. [Continuity]

"We are looking at a shorter-term upgrade that would introduce a "Favorites" bucket where you could select a set of users, forums and teams to keep at the top of the nav bar. However, it sounds like that won't satisfy your needs for this use case."


That is correct, it seems it would be a helpful start. I guess that would help use cases that are geared towards active communication but not towards basic task organization. I think the Ryver team should consider the various kinds of use cases that might eventually evolve with the constant use of your platform.

Collaboration vs Task Organization

Sharing information (you've got this nailed down, should add Voice/Video Communication [3rd party] support)

Task Organization (currently not up to par yet in a flexible enough design.)

I hope the constructive review helps.

If you are looking to add a communications solution. I would highly recommend you integrate with Switch Communications (Now once again called DialPad).

I am sure your two products would work wonders with many Ryver clients.