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Any updates on this? It has been 3 months. It's annoying to either always remove the @mention or clear the extra notifications causing unneeded extra time.

I would like this as well, or at least an option provided.

I agree with J S. I honestly would never use the reminder feature.

I would really appreciate this as well!

Hi Jeff,

That's correct, I'd like it to turn yellow again as if I had never read the message to begin with. Maybe even display a count of "new" messages, so I could see if there were more new messages than what I left off with.

I do believe a "Remind me" button would work in place of what I mentioned. The workflow I suggested was based on how I used Slack, so I'm open to other thoughts/suggestions. As long as it's something that I can leave as "unread" so that I don't forget to go back and look at it, that's all that matters.

Thanks for taking this under consideration!