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Is there any status/timeline of @team controls?

24hr on every device and service except Ryver currently on my workstation. I have tested in the Android application as well, which does not respect system time settings either.

Would it also be possible to have an option to disable notifications (Push or otherwise) of new forums being created, and a way to opt out of any kind of notif. auto-subscribe? Would these be implemented in the topic/task notifications you mentioned?

Overall the current notification system seems a bit oversimplified, which while not exactly a bad thing, leaves a bit to be desired for when it comes to larger orgs moving to Ryver who are creating a lot of content initally. Occasionally it feels like one is drowning in notifications.

Really appreciate the prompt response! It's taking some learning curve to get used to the app, but I do see some great potential here.

One thing of note too is I noticed when I wake my computer up from sleep, ryver does not ever attempt to reconnect, forcing me to reconnect manually. Some periodic reconnect, with a notification of a new version and a reload being needed if necessary, would be nice.

Is there any discussion/updates on the ability to disable being notified for @team in a particular open forum? Our org uses open forums per department and I don't want to get a push notification at 3am for a department that I am not a member of in the org, but still in their chat.