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We released the "Mark as Unread" chat action this past weekend, and the mobile update is rolling out to the app stores today.

This is in internal testing and will be a feature that is available to people on the Enterprise Ryver tier within the next week or two (pending any issues popping up in testing).

I'm marking this as completed. There will be additional options coming. But the key ones of being able to get notified of team/forum chat messages, even if you are not @mentioned...and then being able to get push notifications when you are online...those are both completed.

With the mobile update that is starting to roll out tonight, you should see real-time synchronization of notification "read" status between your mobile and desktop clients.

We're still looking into the cause of the double-notifications, but I believe we can manually fix it.

If you contact support (best way is to use the in-app feedback form in the drop-down menu from the top of the left navigation bar), we'll get some device information from you and look up your device in the push notification system to remove an extra record there.

As for where you land in the app when you get a notification, you should be taken directly to chat for a chat notification. For topics and tasks, we do take you to the Notifications view, so that if you have multiple topic/task notifications, you can just select them and open each one up quickly, without navigating around between forums and teams.  But this is something we will revisit.

The new Watch service is available in forums and teams, which supports a bunch of popular news services as well as custom RSS feeds. Twitter didn't make the cut as we are limited on the number of tweets we can stream from our own account. We will be looking into adding connected accounts for users as a separate feature, which would allow you to connect to your twitter account and stream from feeds that you watch there.

You can remove users that were invited, but never joined. Users that have been active at some point can be de-activated. This is consistent with other similar applications on the marketplace.

Hi Darrin - Thanks for checking out Ryver! We don't currently have an export feature exposed. It's something we've planned on doing for a while, as you can tell by the age of this thread, but have ended up putting it off for other features. That being said, now that we are testing our our SAML Single Sign-on support, we're nearing an effort to focus more on the enterprise, and with that will come features such as change tracking and full audit-log export.

For your near-term needs, are you needing that full change history and ability to export all data including any deletions/modifications that have been made? Or would a team/forum-based export option (one at a time) serve your needs?