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Voice Messages

jeff 8 years ago updated by Anton 3 years ago 7

It would be great if we could record a voice message and send it as a chat message. In the app, the chat message would show that there is an audio file and allow you to click to listen to it. Kind of like a mini MP3 embed.

Under review

for me, this feature is a must have in order to sign up to Ryver

There's always services like vocaroo.com in the meantime.

I fully agree that an integrated voice chat message feature is a "must have".

I'm traveling a lot and pushing one single button, hold it and speak a message is much easier (and a big safety issue) than typing a message while driving.

I know that both should not be done while driving but sometimes, in urgent cases, you can't really avoid it...

WA can, so Ryver also can (I assume)...


That would be quite a bit like what Voxer does, which would be great to loop into Ryver (ultimately eliminating the need for Voxer).

Embedding is a feature we would love to see on Ryver. It would make it much easier for our community to listen to a podcast, watch a video, or leave a voice message that can be heard/watch right on Ryver (instead of sending them through links to multiple websites, etc.). 

Yes I really need this feature :)