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Would love to have the ability to add a folder structure within the current File list. Either that, or only viewing files for the currently selected Topic, rather than the whole Team or Forum. Also, adding a Favorite or Starred toggle would be helpful.

This would be a great added feature for our project. We are currently investigating a replacement solution for our current option which is being phased out. Ryver is at the top of the list, but having sub-private teams would make it a lock.

For instance, our project communicates and shares information with many school districts across the state (California). This would allow each district to have it's own private team for all members (as it is now), but breaking them into sub-teams would be a huge plus. For instance, we could categorize them into leadership team, program directors or even for each school. This is possible to currently do, by creating a private team for each of the above mentioned categories, but the list becomes loooong and difficult to sort though. The ability to toggle each top level team would be awesome.

Other wise, great piece of app. We look forward to the years to come with Ryver.