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Let me add, we have to consider what to do with Private stuff in private teams and DM's.  Slack never lets you get to this data unless you can prove you need it for a lawsuit.  Recently a Slack user said that Slack was going to charge him $35,000 to output the private data he needed for a lawsuit.  He would not pay it.  If we give an export, all the people who posted private msg's are going to say WHAT!  That was private shit.  It is not insurmountable but clearly it is not trivial as lots of unintended consequences are in play.  If not, Slack would not do it the way they do.  We can only import Open Channel data when we do our import.  That is the way it should be.  Agree?


After building software for 36 years I've learned almost nothing is trivial.  Especially given the things that don't get done while you are doing something else.  We are talking about it and if it is indeed trivial, we will do it.  


Thx and understood.  Personally I don't like MS Team much but it is at least included in 365.  I have used 365 as well.  I don't really like it much either preferring google doc etc.  Again, we will talk about it today.

We will talk about this in our weekly meeting today.  Size the effort and see how we would prioritize it vs other important features that our mission critical customers have been asking for.  

If it is working well for you, why would you leave Ryver and pay for something else?  Just mad?

Joe and Matt,

Curious,,,  If we provided export (which would not be easy (btw) what would you do with the data?  No one I know of imports Ryver data,