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Deep linking of Windows Notifications

Stefanus “HowlinWulf” Fourie 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 5

When receiving notifications, it would be amazing if I could click on it and it then takes me to that message or at least that forum/team/DM in which that alert was triggered.

Currently it just opens the Ryver Desktop Client on the page you last had open, which is fine, but the deep link would be next level.

Under review

Thanks for the feedback. We know that would be desirable, but weren't able to get to it on the first phase of our desktop notification integration. Somebody is looking at it now to see if we can get this in for the next update.

I think just simply clicking on the windows notification and bringing you to that message would be a great help. I'm new to Ryver and have a habit of clicking on the notification just thinking it would bring me to that message. A few times now i have started typing after clicking that not realizing that it didn't and sending a message to the wrong person.

Exactly, yes :)

That is what deep linking does, is it takes you to that message/thread, instead of just the application.

I wondering how far this is down the line, I have been using Ryver a couple of months now and sending a message to the wrong person still happens to me because of this. I'm surprised it doesn't happen to more people.  

I actually have not thought about that, but it makes perfect sense though! Read a message in the notification, click on it and then start typing your reply.. Actually kind of natural behavior for a lot of people, surprises me as well that this is not happening more often