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Notification settings on forum creation

Stefanus “HowlinWulf” Fourie 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 6

Is it possible to make the "Alert all members that this forum has been created" default to the off position, as this is an odd thing to have happen accidentally or would want to have happen with every forum creation.

Perhaps make it an admin setting whether this should default to the off or on position?


Definitely needed!

I cannot stress enough, when you have a team that creates forums for many things, getting an email every time forced me to turn off email notifications altogether (which is really not a solution)

I agree with OP, there needs to be an admin setting to change the default, i wouldnt agree with globally (all ryver teams) being forced into off position though.

Agreed, but sending a notification to everyone does seem like something that someone should want to do, and not something that should just happen be default? Even putting it before the icon so that it is a more evident and less overlooked option would be a good start, I believe. Just my opinion though.

Under review

Ok, we'll take a look at providing an Admin option. We put that feature in there because there were a ton of complaints about people not realizing there were new forums.

Completely understandable. Even if we can just have it default to false at the start, that would be a great help.

My thinking is that if it is not enabled by default, you would have to toggle it on, meaning you are aware of the control and more likely to have wanted to send a notification to every single person on the server.

Thanks for reviewing

One of our top complaints is still about people not realizing that some of the forums exist. We're looking into a more explicit "Invite" option to add members to forums. It's possible if we do this the right way, it lessens the need for the notification and we can have that toggled off by default.

Had this happen again today, all members (hundreds) got notified of a forum being put up when it only applies to about 5 or 6 of them.

Needless to say, I am very excited to see a fix for this, or at least see that default be set to false instead of true. To me, it still seems like it is an action a user should want to do as opposed to not doing, rather than wanting to not notify everyone as opposed to automatically notifying everyone.. Personally it just seems logical to have the default be false.