Custom slash commands

Jon 6 years ago updated by ryang 5 years ago 4

The ability to create new /commands which would be seamlessly incorporated with the built-in set. For example, you might set up a command with parameters that takes the form (say):

/trello [task name] @[person] +[tag]

which would invoke a web service (provided by the user) which in this case would create a trello task in a board related to the chat forum, and assign user and label.

It would be useful to be able to initiate outbound integrations manually in this way, as a complement to automatic integrations (webhooks), while being much easier to set up than scraping tools (hubot).

Perhaps there's a configuration page in Ryver that lets you define the URL and parameters for the web service, or perhaps it might work in a similar way to the Trello "powerup" function (very flexible, and worth a look on developers.trello.com).


The good news is that we have built the back-end support for custom slash commands. The bad news is that we now still need to schedule the time to write the front-end interface for adding your own and managing them. I don't have an ETA on that just yet.

Hi Jeff, has this feature been scheduled?