Display Name vs @name

Thomas Becker 6 years ago updated by Mahomed 4 years ago 2

When using the @name in a chat or post it would be awesome if the name that went into the chat or post was the display name instead of the actual @username. For example if my username is @jmaxwell and my display name is "John 647" (where 647 is a location number) or "John Maxwell" it would be nice to have the display name inline in the chat as everyone may not know who jmaxwell is but they may know who "John 647" is. I hope I am being clear in what I am trying to ask for. This could be categorized in Chat or Post as it is the same for both.


Perhaps a different suggestion would be to tag someone when you use their full display name? Similar to Facebook has/had it. Just my 2 cents

I definitely prefer it to show the "display name" when you tag someone. I was going to suggest that it would be great if you could then hover on the name to then see their username or click through to the user.

But having just checked it, you can hover over the @username in the tag now and it shows you their full name. So I guess that works for now.