Home/End broken

Austin Best 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 5

When you have the cursor in the TEXT field while typing and hit home or end, it scrolls the conversation window? Why on earth would it do that in any circumstance? If i have focus where i am clearly typing, please leave the button functions working properly for what has focus.

This is the reason feedback.ryver. com/topics/165-chat-that-utilizes-pageupdn-homeend

This is a REALLY bad step back. if you are in a text box and it has the focus then that is where the end/home SHOULD work.

Yea.. ive had quite a few moments of frustration all week with this. Many of my users have complained quite a bit about this. Not sure how long we will have to deal with it, but it is a serious oversight and extreme inconvience for those who use the keys.


We have rolled out another update to the way home/end works. If there is no text in the chat text box, it will still page the chat history up and down, but if you do enter text into the chat text box, then home/end will take you to the beginning/end of your current line of text.

Hopefully this additional level of logic will satisfy both camps (chat history scrollers and long chat message authors).

Satisfies me! As long as home/end work where the cursor is (i guess if text is present is ok too) then no complaints here.