Under review

Eddy Bot /todo and /reminder functions please!

theceowarrior 6 years ago updated by Jerry 5 years ago 3

A to-do list and personal reminders are a must for me. I use these two functions currently with Slack's in-house bot daily. It keeps everything i need to know in one central place. These two functions and the Google Drive integration are the only reasons I haven't fully switched over from Slack. Looking forward to growing with you!!

Under review

When we introduce our Task Management premium feature, we intend to include a personal task mgr for free. Separate from that, we do like that /reminder feature in Slack. We'll be looking into adding a similar chat command that allows you to generate a custom notification for yourself or others, and optionally set it for a later date/time.

This is the only reason some of our teams feel they cannot switch. Cannot wait for the /remind feature in Ryver :D

The lack of this feature is the only thing holding our team back from the full switch from Slack.