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Option to improve visibility of notifications

Andreas 8 years ago updated by John F 3 years ago 6

Since a lot of us are using Ryver in a work environment sound is often not an option. So I have noticed that messages often goes unoticed not sure what the main problem is here maybe it's not visible enough, maybe it less noticeable with a multi screen setup.

Either way some options to make notifications more visible would be nice, some ideas:

  • Allow change of popup duration
  • Allow changing looks of popup
  • Enable more incessant blinking for new messages
  • Allow bringing Ryver to foreground upon notification
  • Allow systray flashing on notification
  • Allow notification to be sent as email if message is not read withing a set amount of time (could be useful for other reasons as well)
  • Allow execution of a command upon receiving a notification (related separate topic)

Also, integrate into OS X notifications service (like slack) :)

Under review

As Chris brought up, we're looking into adding direct support for Mac OS X notification service and the Windows 10 Notification Center. We'll go ahead and discuss some of these other ideas as well, like being able to get an email notification even if you were online at the time the notification came through.

Any movement on this item? The lack of better notifications is currently stopping my ryver rollout.


I wish there were more options for the popups also. Personally I'd like to be able to disable the pop up text, and only have the icon in the sys tray (Windows) show the number of new messages.

Any update on this?

'Under Review' for 5 years =(

I agree 100% that more disruptive notifications are needed. We came to Ryver from HipChat. They had a nice option were notifications with part of the message would remain in bubbles on the screen until read.