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p2p file transfer

Andreas 8 years ago updated by Computers for Schools Yukon 7 years ago 4

If you are transferring very large files and/or files you just don't care if they are saved for later or not. P2P file transfer could be better since you then wouldn't have to send them to the server first. In particular when you are on the same network as the person you are sending the file to this could increase the speed a lot.

There are definitely scenarios where I can think of just a 1 time file upload to the person I am communicating with and will never use the file again.

Under review

Interesting request. Would you expect this to be just another menu option when you click on the Attachment (paperclip) button? Would you expect to see any kind of mention of that transaction in your chat history?

That seems like it could be a good way to do it as for message maybe handle it a bit like other im clients handles it. By that I mean a message saying something like "sending file X" and then either another message or change it to file x received when the transfer is complete.

It would also be cool if there was some way to default local transfers to the LAN when possible (unless it already does that). We have bandwidth caps here in the Yukon so keeping as much information on our internal network as possible is always important. I suspect that it would be for privacy and security for larger organizations as well.