A way to control "All Hands"

Ivan Takev 5 years ago updated by Invent 4 years ago 7


we have 300+ people in the organisation and All Hands is getting out of control. We did check with Mim and understood there is no possibility to archive/delete that primary forum.

I suggest to be allowed to archive/delete it as it only takes a couple of weirdos to spam the whole organization and basically lose real man-hours of company time in pointlessly messaging everyone. 

Alternatively, it would be nice to be converted to radio station where only admins can drop messages but no one would be able to give replays..would be great for us in IT.

It is nice to have such channel in a small team but with too many people it becomes a trouble...



Hi Ivan,

You cannot delete the "All Hands" Forum but you can rename and "Archive" the Forum so that no one can enter any new data.


Hello Mim, thanks for coming back. We did rename the forum but we still cannot archive it. The button for archiving is not visible. Am I missing something? 

Hi Ivan - i will double check this. I do see that the option to archive the "All Hands" Forum is gone. Sorry for the misinformation.I will post back when I confirm if archive should be available.

I like the idea of a "radio" room or a "broadcast" forum that's all hands but only for Admin's to post. That allows the giving of company wide information without having to use email (which sucks). And we have hundreds of people in our company as well and see the "All Hands" getting out of control - I'd like to keep that open as that will be a social room more than a business communication room.



Is there already any solution? Because if Ryver still didnt accept that this function is more pain then a Feature, I will switch back to slack. I cant accept a public Community between my whole company. This is no Facebook this should be a PM Tool for Business...


Was this ever fixed. The biggest issue is using ryver for support and then some how clients that have no reason speaking to each other start to post in all hands or speak to each other in other direct ways. For example a web developer that has multiple single contact clients does not want clients chatting with each other.