Status not set to available in Windows after becoming idle

Andreas 8 years ago updated by jeff 8 years ago 6

When I'm set to away in the Windows client I will not be set to available again unless I open the client itself. Keyboard or mouse usage alone will not be enough for status to change back to available.

Under review

Thank you for the report, Andreas! We currently base the away status on in-app activity, but we can certainly understand the desire for it to be based on Computer activity instead. We will look into this.

Great thanks, the problem with how it works now besides people not knowing if I'm at my desk or not is that I keep getting notifications by email and the app even if I'm at my desk.

Looks like I just created an identical ticket. Sorry about that, but we'd also like to see status based on ALL computer activity not just in-app activity.


This should be marked as completed.