Under review

Add an Admin option for domain mapping to a non-ryver.com URL for our account

jeff 8 years ago updated by Zack 7 years ago 6

Would like to be able to map <OurAccount>.ryver.com to something like chat.<OurOrganization>.com and point our users to that URL.

Under review

Why not just CNAME from ryver.yourdomain.com -> yourteam.ryver.com?

I have used something similar for my other comms platform

Or re-route a subdomain to ryver like:


This would be a great feature, but not anything necessary. For anyone using desktop or mobile apps, they'd only need to know this url once. Seems like something that'd be part of a premium package.


It'd definitely be nice to have this. Definitely has to be some sort of balance between branding vs. giving Ryver credit and free vs. paid. :)

This is important for my organization and many of our partners and members in the financial industry. Would love to see it!