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3rd Party Organizations via in app Ryver-Web-Browser

jake 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2

So I have a marketing idea in the end, but really its a functionality and efficiency thing too.
I wonder if it is possible to have an organization from another company in the organizations list.

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What it would take is a browser like window in Ryver. I currently have 3 Ryver organizations.. a couple elsewhere.. leaving them nameless. So I see it as an attractive venture to have other 'circle shapes' here in the list which opens a browser in the main window. You would set the settings up for the organization as a url, then you simply go through the motions of that platform as if you had logged-in on the web. This way the information pipeline is not managed by Ryver, all Ryver has to do is make sure it has a working web browser.

Result: All 5 of my organizations in one platform in one list. Since Ryver is free, it may be a tool to help secure the new user that is on the fence due to having too many platforms between social/professional organizations.

Under review

Hi Jake. Am I understanding this correctly that the links you would have would not be to other Ryver organizations, but potentially to other non-Ryver websites? Basically, let you define any web link and keep it in the "Organizations" list?

I suppose it could basically allow any link, that's a logical derivation. I wasn't thinking that far, as I was thinking you could minimize the assortment of "allowed" links to things like glip, gotomeeting, and [cough] even slack.

You would be able to limit to the sites that you as a team feel comfortable with giving service. I was also thinking that if you had limited the accessibility to only known trusted competitors' login screens, you shouldn't have to have an overly secure browser as a result. I suppose the UI for this would exist in the login screen for organizations. If it were me developing, I would limit this function to only the "View All Organizations" function from the EDIT menu, and then you would only be able to access foreign services through the "PLUS" + sign at the top of Organizations list. This would force you to have a main Ryver account to begin, and the other companies can only be secondary at best. Then to select this feature a drop down would be used to lead people to only the allowed links, disallowing a manual typing in of a link. (Also, likely you need a disclaimer that functionality of 3rd party companies are not guaranteed and Ryver is not responsible for the dealings with these companies or what happens when logged in through Ryver's organization list.)

Of course, if people are using the Ryver web app, I am not sure this helps anyone as you can just have tabs open. However, if I am in the Ryver PC desktop app, then I would basically have organizations available that work like a web browser. I imagine this would be a tough feature to add to phone app.

Convoluted? I don't know, was an idea I had based on my daily usage of such software. Independent workers like myself rely on networking to stay busy, and you can never have enough networking and never enough efficiency of networking. So, obviously unlike my normal posts to Ryver's feedback and Echo, this idea is somewhat unrelated to anything Ryver already does, and I understand if the complexity is too great.