Bug - Ryver input/script causes unusual login page behavior

Fore 8 years ago updated by jeff 7 years ago 1


When trying to login from an Android device using the input box (for organizations) the text is automatically changed by what seems to be a running script. On the Andriod platform this causes my Tablet (an Asus Android Tranformer with an external keyboard) to act oddly.

It seemingly confuses the keyboard app and causes very strange behavior. Such as having to type each character twice or having the wrong keystroke show up on the screen. Creating a very tricky effort to login.

This problem is also less evident but persists on the Desktop when doing a login from chrome. It seems you guys/gals placed a script to auto-magically turn all character into minor letters. But this seems to cause problems on Tablets and Desktops. As the input box seems to constantly rewrite what is present in the box as you type each character.


Thank you for reporting this. I was originally unable to reproduce this issue, as I thought you were reporting a bug in the Ryver application. I now see that you are referring to the Login page that is available on the main ryver.com website. We will definitely have somebody take a look at this.

In the mean time, I recommend that you either use one of the Ryver apps from http://ryver.com/downloads/, or log in directly from the URL for your organization (yourorganization.ryver.com).