Chat that utilizes PageUp/Dn Home/End

jake 7 years ago updated by jeff 7 years ago 7

Simple where I am coming from: If I scroll up to view old chats.. I want to hit the end key to get back to the bottom. I understand that home should probably only go up as high as your current buffer, page up might take some buffer limitations as well. But Page down and End would be sweet!

Under review

Notice some headway is happening, and usage of these keys are in post-stream and post portion of forums now. These buttons seem to be supported in more places, thanks. But still not in the Chat portion of a forum. :)

This is super annoying not having home/end within the message box. Maybe it could take focus of the chat box into account so we can use home/end in both the message box and the history of the channel?


We are going to make another tweak to the way the Home/End keys work. The chat message box always has focus on that view. People had asked to be able to page up/down in history with the Home/End keys. However, now that we have done that, there are lots of complaints about using the keys within the text box.

Our "tweak" is to add logic to go to top/bottom of the message box if there is text in it. If there is no text in the message box, then we will scroll the chat history up/down.

Just to make sure this is what you meant, home/end should not move you to the top/bottom of the chat message box but the start/end of a line of text like in most applications with text input.

I like that solution. Sounds pretty intuitive.


We rolled out the above described solution today.