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Hide some or all of the email text when repying to an email notification

Andreas 8 years ago updated by MarkB 7 years ago 3

When you reply to an email notification the entire email is added to the message when it's added to Ryver. I think that this can be improved at least is could be added as a quote or even better just add a quote with the message that caused the notification.

It could also be changed so that you can decide yourself what should be included if the hidden id is added to the subject instead then I can decide what to include in the body (if I remove everything in the body now the message will not reach Ryver). Alternatively if it can't be placed in the subject use a visible id instead so I can easily remove everything except the id.

Under review

When replying by email, we attempt to locate where the quoted text begins and exclude that from your response. Would you mind contacting us at support@ryver.com? There must be something related to the formatting of your email replies that we are not handling.

Hi Jeff,

I have the same problem as mentioned above.
The problem occurs when i use Thunderbird to reply to the email notification.
Please let me know if you need any further information.


I have this issue as well. I have some old school Linux users who use Pine, but also users that use Mail on OSX or Outlook. All seem to have this issue to varying degrees.