Bookmark or "Favorite" a chat, comment or post

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The current Reminder feature on Posts/Comments can be used as a poor man's bookmarking mechanism, but would prefer an explicit way to bookmark both posts/comments AND particular chat messages, and have an easy way to get to them in a "bookmarks" or "favorites" list.

Custom user-centric tagging would be a bonus as an extension of this feature...allowing the user to put a #tag on any chat, post or comment that is just for that user's reference in future searches.

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Bookmarks would be amazingly useful. Equally amazing would be if creating a new bookmark could be a trigger for Zapier actions.

Building on this favorites request, it'd be helpful to have not just a personal Favorites list, probably in the navigation bar, but also a method for filtering/sorting by Favorites when viewing a team. Teams have a *lot* of posts, and until it's possible to Archive a post to hide it, this list gets unwieldy. If I favorite a Post in a Team, then I'd like the option to sort Posts with Favorites first.

Bookmarking seems similar to what Slack does with the STARS.   It's one of the main features I like and use on Slack.  Many times I can't answer something immediately, or even if I answer it I want to review it later.  I know that I could create a Task on Ryver, but it's much easier to Bookmark/Star it with one click for later review.

Yes...reminders can be used to bookmark items, but it requires several actions:

1. Click on the dropdown menu of messages to open it up

2. Click on Set reminder.

3. If you don't like the default time period to remind you, TYPE the quantity of time.

4. If the above is true, you might need to change the time period (minutes, hours, days, etc)

5. Click SAVE.

The Bookmark or Star button should be placed next to the Reply or Add Reaction buttons.  Bookmarks should appear in some special section, in the order they were bookmarked (most recent first).

Reminders are a workaround, but I still love the STAR on Slack.  Whenever I see a message that I want to answer but can't do it right away, I just STAR it.  Then, when I have more time, I check all the starred messages and work one by one.

I summary, the STAR button in Ryver would be a shortcut to REMINDER/RIGHT NOW.